Oasis Gourmet Deli

Oasis Gourmet Deli



(Liz-4 Joe-4 Dan-3.5 Eva-4 Danielle-4.5 April-4)


Taste:  4 (Liz-4 Joe-4 Dan-3.5 Eva-4 Danielle-4 April-4.5)

Quality/Freshness of Ingredients: 3.75 (Liz-3.5 Joe-4 Dan-3 Eva-4 Danielle-4 April-4)

Service:  4.3 (Liz-4 Joe-4.5 Dan-4 Eva-5 Danielle-4 April-n/a )

Ambiance: Old school convenience store with sandwich counter in the back

Proximity: 1 block from the Circle, 5 minute walk

Wait: None (but only one person making sandwiches so slow for groups)

Value/Price: $4-6 (.50 extra for cheese)

Selection/Variety: 10-15 choices – all the basics

Pros: Variety of soups, salads, and other side orders, very friendly, long history in the Circle, big sandwiches that are a good value, only place so far that offers liverwurst.

Cons: The giant pickle available for .75 was very subpar and mushy, brie is no longer available but remains on menu, ran out of “the best” lentil soup.


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