Dupont Market

Today was a good day at the Court – the most highly rated sandwich place yet, and for the first time we had a full Court with no vacancies!

Dupont Market

OVERALL SCORE: 4.5 Gavels!

(Marissa-5, April-4.5, Jessica-4.5, Liz-4, Eva-4.5, Devan-5, Brian-4, Danielle-4.5, Joe-4.5)

Taste:  4.7 (Marissa-5, April-4, Jessica-5, Liz-4, Eva-5, Devan-5, Brian-4, Danielle-5, Joe-5)

Quality/Freshness of Ingredients: 4.6 (Marissa-5, April-4.5, Jessica-5, Liz-4.5, Eva-4.5, Devan-4.5, Brian-4, Danielle-4.5, Joe-4.5)

Service:  3.9 (Marissa-4, April-4, Jessica-4, Liz-4.5, Eva-3.5, Devan-4, Brian-3, Danielle-4, Joe-4)

Ambiance: Gourmet/Imported Foods Market

Proximity: 5.5 blocks, 5-7 minute walk

Wait: short-none

Value/Price: $6-8

Selection/Variety: 20 choices (including a wide variety of ingredients and types of sandwiches)

Pros: Charming, appealing menu, wide variety of gourmet grocery items, outdoor seating.

Cons: No pickles!  Cramped, crowded, forced to “hover” while waiting for sandwich to be prepared.



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