Well-Dressed Burrito

Well-Dressed Burrito: 3.6 gavels!


Overall: 3.6 (Sue: 4.5, Brian: 4.5, Dan F.: 3, Abby: 2, Dan V.: 3, Eva: 3.5, Raisa: 3.5, Danielle, 3.5, Joe: 4.5)

Taste: 3.9 (Sue: 4.5, Brian: 4, Dan F.: 4, Abby: 3.5, Dan V.: 3.5, Eva: 4, Raisa: 4, Danielle, 3.5, Joe: 4)

Proximity: 3.5 blocks from the circle, 8 minute walk.

Menu: Good selection and a decent variety of options.

Price/Value:  On average $6-7/item – a great value for the amount of food you get.

Service: Good (aside from confusion over whether and when to pay the $.05 for a carryout bag)

Pros: A variety of tasty and inexpensive sides, desserts were available (including Mexican Bread Pudding and cinnamon sugar chips), salmon available for Brian (though not very good).

Cons: The chips were regular old Tostitos, none of the salsas were very tasty, a bit far away.


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