Chipotle:  4.6 gavels! (winner of this term)


Overall:  4.6 (Brian: 4.5, April: 5, Eva: 3, Rayza: 4.5, Leah: 5, Josh: 5, Dan F.: 4.5, Peter: 5, Danielle: 4.5, Joe: 4.5)

Taste:  4.5 (Brian: 4.5, April: 4.5, Eva: 4.5, Rayza: 4.5, Leah: 4, Josh: 4.5, Dan F.: 4.5, Peter: 4.5, Danielle: 5, Joe: 4.5)

Proximity: 2 blocks from the circle, 5 minute walk.

Menu: Good variety and very vegetarian-friendly. Small but satisfactory selection of items (three flavors of meat + a veggie option for tacos or burritos).

Price/Value:  $7 – a bit more expensive than other places, but a good amount of food.

Service: Efficient assembly line style service – good but very impersonal.

Pros:  The cilantro lime rice was considered a “pro” by a vote of 8-3, and the salty limey chips were considered a pro by a vote of 7-2, availability of “garden blend” fake meat, use of local ingredients, good salad dressing, wide array of drinks from fountain machine, availability of nutrition info

Cons: Guacamole is okay but not great, absence of a salsa bar, politically incorrect firing of Latino workers at Columbia Heights location.


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