Overall: 3.1 (Ariel: 2, Alli: 4.5, Eva: 3.5, Joe: 4, Lauren: 3.5, Rayza: 3.5, April: 3.5, Josh: 3.5, Peter: 2.5, Dan M.: 2, Brian: 1, Dan F.: 2.5, Danielle: 4.5)

Taste:  3.6 (Ariel: 3, Alli: 4, Eva: 4, Joe: 3.5, Lauren: 3, Rayza: 3, April: 4, Josh: 3.5, Peter: 3.5, Dan M.: 3, Brian: 4, Dan F.: 4, Danielle: 4)

Proximity: 2 blocks from the circle, 5 minute walk.

Menu: Limited cheap eats options – just the $5 burger and $4 mac and cheese.

Price/Value:  The $5 burger special is an incredible deal – a burger and side of your choice.

Service: Took a long time for everyone to get food, but pretty good service.  Food came out at different times.

Pros:  Greeted with tea service, awesome sides available as substitute for fries with no upcharge, tasty mac and cheese made with real cheese, good happy hour deals (this is dicta as it relates to an issue that is not part of the case before the Court), flat screen TVs, good music, good pickles, nice atmosphere and fun Alice in Wonderland theme.

Cons: Must eat in to get the meal, deal does not apply to veggie burger (it is $9), the bun that came with the burger was the equivalent of Wonder bread, not everyone received breadcrumbs on the mac and cheese, some burgers were not cooked to order (too raw or well-done).


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