Alberto’s Pizza

Alberto’s Pizza

Overall:  3.7 (Joe: 4, Marissa: 4, Eva: 3, Lauren: 5, Dan: 4, April: 3.5, Ariel: 3.5, Ally: 3, Rayza: 3.5, Devan: 3.5, Michelle: 3, Danielle: 4)

Taste: 3.9 (Joe: 3.5, Marissa: 4, Eva: 3.5, Lauren: 4.5, Dan: 4.5, April: 3, Ariel: 3.5, Ally: 4, Rayza: 4.5, Devan: 4, Michelle: 4, Danielle: 3.5)

Proximity: 1 blocks from the circle, 5 minute walk.

Menu: Decent for a dive; quite a lot of variety.

Price/Value:  A lot of food.  One slice is $5 and a quarter of a large pizza.

Service: Good and efficient service, though large groups of customers can cause them to run out of pizza.

Pros:  A cut above the normal pizza joint, close and nearby, yummy chocolate mints at the front counter.

Cons: No seating in the restaurant, you run the risk of the selection being narrow if you catch them at a busy time, no menu items other than pizza, some complained of a soggy crust.


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