Moby Dick House of Kabob

Moby Dick House of Kabob


Overall: 3.0  (Ariel: 3.5, Lauren: 2, Dan F.: 3.5, Elizabeth: 4, Dan M.: 2, Stefanie: 3.5, Peter: 3, Eva: 3, Danielle: 2, Dan V.: 3)

Taste:  3.3 (Ariel: 3.5, Lauren: 2.5, Dan F.: 3.5, Elizabeth: 3, Dan M.: 2.5, Stefanie: 3.5, Peter: 3.5, Eva: 4, Danielle: 3, Dan V.: 3.5)

Proximity: 8 minute walk

Menu: Pretty good selection.

Price/Value:  $6-8 for most lunch options. You get your money’s worth.

Service: Adequate.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Pretty good. Bread was made right in front of you, yet was a bit tough. Some meat better than others.

Taste/Flavor: The chicken and lamb were the most popular entrees – the chicken was moist and flavorful, and the lamb shank fell off the bone and was full of flavor. Gyro meat was average. The baklava was okay but nothing special.

Pros: Four types of desserts available, including an ice cream, sorbet, fried honey dough, and baklava.

Cons: The saffron ice cream was controversial and the rose water sorbet was a bit odd. The rice for the daily special came with a top layer of burnt crisped rice which was hard to chew. The gyro platter required you to assemble the gyro yourself.


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