Overall: 3.4 (Rayza: 3.5, Ariel: 4, Dan M.: 3, Joe: 4, Stefanie: 2.5, Sue: 3, Lauren: 3, Eva: 4, Danielle: 3, April: 4)

Taste:  4.0 (Rayza: 4.5, Ariel: 4.5, Dan M.: 3.5, Joe: 4, Stefanie: 4, Sue: 3.5, Lauren: 4, Eva: 3.5, Danielle: 4, April: 4.5)

Proximity: 5 minute walk.

Menu: Good variety of choices.

Price/Value:  Poor.  Cheapest option is $8.50 for a gyro, which came with no sides and left justices hungry. Combo meals ranged from $14-15.

Service: Moderate-poor.  Helpful staff, but slow food preparation. Accidentally gave away order to wrong diner which delayed process even longer.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Great. Bread was homemade and very soft and tender. Produce was fresh. Fries were on the stale side.

Taste/Flavor: Very good gyro meat – meat was allowed to roast for perfect amount of time, as evidenced by the fact that every single slice had a nice crust. The gyro platter came unassembled rather than as a sandwich. The pork and the chicken souvlaki were tender and delicious. The baklava was better than normal and tasted very buttery.  Low points: French fries were too dry and not sufficiently crispy, kabobs were a bit overcooked, and the Tzatziki sauce was just okay.

Pros: Close by and very tasty.  Nice ambiance for eating in.

Cons: Very expensive compared to other choices in the area.


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