DC Cafe

DC Cafe


Overall: 3.8 (Dan F.: 4, Rayza: 3.5, Joe: 4, Eva: 3.5, Danielle: 4)

Taste:  4.1 (Dan F.: 4.5, Rayza: 4, Joe: 4, Eva: 4, Danielle: 4)

Proximity: 5 minute walk.

Menu: Adequate.  Included gyros and other basics, plus late night junk food like cheeseburgers.

Price/Value:  $8 for a lunch special that includes a very large gyro plus a side of fries or rice.

Service: Slow but friendly.  Forgot one Justice’s side of yogurt.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Adequate. Bread clearly not homemade, but still very good.  Vegetables were fresh.

Taste/Flavor: Deliciously greasy.  Very good gyro meet – thicker pieces than usual that were grilled until very crispy rather than being sliced off the spit the traditional way.  The garlic yogurt sauce that came on the gyros was fabulous.  The falafel was very good – not too dry or crumbly, and came with a very flavorful and spicy pepper chutney.  The fries were perfectly crispy.  The samosa was one of the best one Justice has ever tasted. Only major pitfall was the hummus, which tasted like rubber bike tires (according to some justices).

Pros: Open till 5am, good (greasy) food with nice portion sizes.

Cons: No air conditioning on the basement level so it’s sweltering hot while waiting for food.


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