Shake Shack

Shake Shack


Overall:  3.4 (Devan: 3.5, Ashley: 3.5, Hailey: 3, Eva: 3, Kellye: 3, Danielle: 3.5, Atley: 4)

Taste: 3.9 (Devan: 4, Ashley: 4, Hailey: 4, Eva: 4, Kellye: 3, Danielle: 4, Atley: 4.5)

Proximity: 8 minute walk.

Menu: Okay.  Not many burger varieties available, although there is a deep fried cheese-stuffed mushroom burger and hotdogs.

Price/Value:  Not great.  $4-5 for a basic burger + $3-4 for fries. Burgers were not that big.

Service: Slow (had to wait about 10 minutes for food) but friendly

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Good.

Taste/Flavor: The burgers were well-received, with the single common complaint being that they were not as big or filling as one would hope for the price.  The fries were crinkle cut style, but were fairly crispy.  The custard and milkshake were popular.

Pros: Custard and milkshakes available (with custard flavors that rotate daily), lots of seating for in-restaurant dining, wine and beer available.

Cons: Ran out of ketchup, not enough room while waiting for food to not be in peoples’ way.


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