Good Stuff Eatery

Good Stuff Eatery

Overall: 4.3 (Julie: 5, Eva: 2, Brian: n/a, Joe: 5, Ashley: 5, Margaret: 4, Danielle: 4.5)

Taste: 4.7 (Julie: 4.5, Eva: 5, Brian: 4, Joe: 5, Ashley: 5, Margaret: 4.5, Danielle: 5)

Proximity: 30 minute metro ride/walk away (on Capitol Hill)

Menu: Great – interesting variety of choices with yummy toppings.

Price/Value:  Pretty good  – most burgers are around $7 and are pretty big.  Expect to pay $10-12 if ordering a lunch that includes a soda, milkshake, or fries.

Service: Worth the wait!

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Great – super juicy and delicious meat.

Taste/Flavor:  fantastic options, from plain to quite creative. The Sunnyside burger is absolutely delicious – a fried egg, bacon, and cheese atop a juicy patty.  Prez Obama burger had thick and crispy bacon, and excellent blending Roquefort cheese and horseradish mayo.  Delicious soft and buttery buns.   Fries were crispy and plentiful.  Options of plain with sea salt or fries seasoned with rosemary & thyme add interest.  There were also sandwich options and a vegetarian option.

Pros: Amazing milkshakes (toasted marsh mellow is out of this world).  Flavored mayo bar is fun and tasty (flavors include chipotle, Old Bay, mango, and Sriacha). Decent amount of seating, but restaurant is always packed so seating can be difficult to secure.

Cons: Inconvenient to go to regularly.  Can get very crowded and must sometimes wait in long line to order.


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