BGR: The Burger Joint

Overall: 3.8 (Julie: 1, Ashley: 4, Joe: 4.5, Marissa: 4, Devan: 4.5, Eva: 4, Dan: 4.5, Danielle: 4)

Taste: 4.1 (Julie: 3, Ashley: 4, Joe: 4.5, Marissa: 4, Devan: 4.5, Eva: 4, Dan: 4, Danielle: 4.5)

Proximity: One block – very close.

Menu: Good – hard to choose from all of the yummy burgers.

Price/Value:  Okay – Burgers range from $7-13, but are pretty hefty.  $8.99 for a box set which includes fries and a soda.

Service: Friendly but time consuming – hard to get in and out in less than 15 minutes.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Great meat, other ingredients were decent.

Taste/Flavor:  Great.  The meat was juicy and delicious. One diner called it a “ten napkin burger.”  Some complained that the burger meat was too crumbly, but others felt this was reflective of its freshness and lack of filler.  The buns were only okay and did not hold up to the burger’s juiciness.  The Wellington (with black truffles, mushrooms, and blue cheese) was fantastically delicious. The Cuban was also very tasty, and was praised for its “meat upon meat upon meat” (a burger patty, topped with pork tenderloin, topped with ham). The fries were thick, crispy, and abundant.

Pros: BGR offers an amazing digital soda machine that allows diners to select from nearly 20 base sodas, that can be further customized with the flavor of your choice.  It is also very conveniently close by.  The bags food comes in are sturdy and keep the food very warm.  Milkshakes and beer on tap are both available.  The burger of the month means that there is always something new to choose from.

Cons: The restaurant is often smoky from the grill.  BGR is restrictive in its substitutions – to get the special lunch deal, you can only get a plain or veggie burger (you can pay for an upcharge for the special burger of the month only).


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