Overall: 2.8 (Ashley: 3.5, Marissa: 4, Joe: 2, Timothy: 2, Margaret: 2, Debra: 1, Julie: 4, Devan: 3.5, Danielle: 3, Mira: 2.5)

Taste:  3.2 (Ashley: 4, Marissa: 3.5, Joe: 3.5, Timothy: 3.5, Margaret: 3, Debra: 1, Julie: 3.5, Devan: 3.5, Danielle: 3.5, Mira: 2.5)

Proximity: U Street (delivers to Dupont)

Menu: Good selection.

Price/Value:  Pretty good – all burgers are $9.45 (except the plain is $8.45) and come with fries. The burger is decently sized.

Service: Easy delivery service – can even order online.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Pretty good.

Taste/Flavor:  Okay burger meat but not as high caliber as some places we’ve visited this term.  The bun was spongy like a potato bun – some justices complained that it soaked up too much moisture and fell apart. The fries were extremely popular – perfectly crunchy and fried with a generous helping of spicy seasonings and corn meal for extra crunch.  The dipping sauces accompanying them – a creamy ranch style dip, and a chipotle mayo. The mushroom burger was thought to be a bit too plain and lacking in flavor.

Pros: Delivers!  Burgers automatically come with fries.  It is only $1 to indulge in one of the specialty burgers. Delicious frickles are available, in addition to a wide variety of non-burger options. Open late.

Cons: The food arrived a bit on the cold side.  Some justices would have appreciated having unseasoned fries on the menu.


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