Oh Fish!

Oh Fish!


Overall: 3.4 (Marissa: 3.5, Timothy: 3, Elizabeth: 3, Mira: 4, Joe: 2, Sue: 4, Ashley: 3.5, Danielle: 4.5)

Taste:  4 (Marissa: 3.5, Timothy: 2, Elizabeth: 4, Mira: 3.5, Joe: 4, Sue: 3.5, Ashley: 3.5, Danielle: 4)

Proximity: 10 minute walk (past 19th and M)

Menu: Limited choices of fish, but the ability to design your own rolls allowed for limitless selection.

Price/Value:  A bit expensive – $8-10/eight piece roll.

Service: Fine.  Because the ‘design your own’ concept was a bit confusing, more assistance/instruction would have been helpful.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Good fish and other ingredients were fresh as well.

Taste/Flavor:  Pretty good. Lots of interesting flavor combinations (for instance, kimchee was one of the available fillings) made for delicious rolls.  Quality and taste was slightly higher than your average sushi, according to the opinion of most of the justices.  

Pros: Ability to customize rolls, interesting choices, the availability of soy bean wrappers for those who do not like nori. Yummy veggie rolls were available.  Lots of interesting soy sauce variations (wasabi soy, sweet soy, citrus soy, wasabi mayo, etc.).

Cons: The big size rolls were too wide to easily fit in one bite.  The amount of soy given per container was insufficient (only one soy comes per order unless more is requested or appropriated).  No non-sushi items were available, so this restaurant would not be a good place to meet a non-sushi eater.


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