Overall: 4.6 (Debra: 5, Margaret: 5, Joe: 5, Julia: 4, Elizabeth: 4, Isaiah: 5, Ashley: recused, Devan: 5, Danielle: 5, Marissa: 4.5, Mira: 4, Eva: 4)

Taste:   4.4 (Debra: 5, Margaret: 4, Joe: 4.5, Julia: 4.5, Elizabeth: 3.5, Isaiah: 4.5, Ashley: recused, Devan: 4.5, Danielle: 5, Marissa: 4.5, Mira: 4, Eva: 4.5)

Proximity: Woodley Park, but free delivery

Menu: Great choices – terrific lunch specials.

Price/Value:  Wonderful. $8.50 for two rolls + soup, $8 bento box with a huge amount of food, several a la carte rolls for $4-6 as well.

Service: Delivery service was pretty good.  Easy to phone in order, but took over an hour for food to arrive (though we were a group of 10).

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Very good – “the best quality I’ve had in that price range.” -Joe

Taste/Flavor:  Very tasty.  Miso was a step above the rest, though would have enjoyed more tofu, the spicy white tuna crunch roll was out of this world, as were the other spicy rolls.  The spicy rolls were nice b/c fish remained in big chunks and not drowning in too much mayo sauce.  The crab and cream cheese roll and yellowtail rolls were also well-received. The ginger was very pungent and delicious.

Pros: Free delivery, and nice presentation on delivery (tin trays for sushi and plastic bento boxes for bento meals).  The availability of soy bean wrappers for those who do not like nori. Soup was included even for delivery, as was the fancily carved orange accoutrement.

Cons: The food took a while to arrive.


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