Bobby’s Burger Palace


Although the FoodCourt finished its Burger term last month, and has since completed an entirely new term on sushi, the Court was persuaded to hear a last minute appeal for Bobby’s Burger Palace.  Having determined that the best burger in town was to be found at Foodnetwork Celebrity Spike Mendelson’s Good Stuff Eatery, the FoodCourt felt compelled to weigh Spike’s burger against fellow Foodnetwork  celeb Bobby Flay.  The FoodCourt’s opinion in the Burger term is imminent, but for now, the results of today’s conference on Bobby’s Burger Palace are below.


Bobby’s Burger Palace

 Overall: 3.6 (Ashley: 3.5, Eva: 3, Timothy: 4, Devan: 3, Joe: 4, Mira: 3.5, Danielle: 4)

Taste:  4.4 (Ashley: 4, Eva: 3.5, Timothy: 4, Devan: 5, Joe: 4.5, Mira: 4.5, Danielle: 5)

Proximity: Far – 15 minute walk

Menu: Lots of delicious choices. 

Price/Value: Pretty good. Specialty burgers like the Napa with watercress and goat cheese, or the brunch burger with a fried egg and bacon, are all $7.75. Fries or sweet potato fries are $3 for a generous portion.

Service: Great! Everyone was friendly, enthusiastic, and efficient.  Food came out almost immediately after sitting down.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Very good. The meat was some of the best we’ve had (whether or not it was the best was disputed).

Taste/Flavor:  Delicious!  The meat was ridiculously juicy and cooked perfectly to order. By default burgers come “medium” which includes quite a bit of pink, though there was a five level guide you could choose from for more or less doneness. The fries were possibly the best we’ve had all term – each one was perfectly crisped, salty, and just the right amount of juicy. Regular fries came with a spicy, creamy bbq sauce that was delicious, and the sweet potato fries came with a sweet mustard sauce.  The specialty burgers were all delicious.  Danielle thought the bacon and egg burger was possibly the best she’s had (and that’s a lot).  The Napa burger came with a generous helping of delicious goat cheese and fresh watercress.

Pros: Boozy milkshakes.  Very cool ambiance (upscale 1970s cafeteria style).  Cool u-shaped lunch counters make for good socializing.   

Cons: There were different sauces available on the table (burger sauce, chipotle ketchup, etc.), but none were very good. No veggie burger. Out the door lines during the lunch rush hour. It was the longest walk of any place we went to, creating a big disincentive for many justices to return.


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