(Udon noodles with curry broth and shrimp)


 Overall: 2.5 (Mira: 2, Margaret: 3, Eva: 2, Ashley: 3.5, Timothy: 1, Danielle: 3.5)

Taste:   3.1 (Mira: 3, Margaret: 3, Eva: recused, Ashley: 4, Timothy: 2, Danielle: 3.5)

Proximity: Very close – 1 block.

Menu: Limited choices for noodle soups – only two broths and two noodles to choose from (however, you can mix and match broth, noodles, and protein)

Price/Value:  Pretty good value – $7.50 – 8.50 for a large bowl of soup.

Service: Quick and efficient.  Able to get in and out for a relatively speedy lunch.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Pretty good. Chewy egg noodles, fresh veggies.  Shrimp was just okay.

Taste/Flavor:  Good but not spectacular. The curry broth was good – not too heavy, but also not as spicy as promised.  The udon noodles were good.  The beef that came in the soup was delicious – Korean bugolgi style.

Pros: Soup came with a free salad.  Meals were presented beautifully.  Very close and quick. 

Cons: Unmemorable noodle soups.


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