Overall: 3 (Marissa: 4, Timothy: 4, Ashley: 2, Elizabeth: 2, Julie: 3, Eva: 2, Joe: 4, Danielle: 3)

Taste:   4.25 (Marissa: 4.5, Timothy: 5, Ashley: 3, Elizabeth: 5, Julie: 4, Eva: 4, Joe: 4.5, Danielle: 4)

Proximity: Close – 2 blocks.

Menu: Decent selection of Japanese noodle soups – ramen, soba, or udon, with pork, chicken, or seafood.  Because they are not pan Asian, there was not as wide a variety as some other restaurants.

Price/Value:  Decent value- $10.50 for a decently sized bowl of soup.

Service: Fair-Poor.  Servers were not happy about having a large crowd all wanting soup (though to their credit, they did warn us that it would take an extra 30 minutes if we all ordered the same things).  Servers initially refused to provide a container for leftovers, and then did so grudgingly.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Pretty good. Fresh, chewy noodles. Good seafood.

Taste/Flavor:  Soup was quite tasty.  Pork ramen came with a cloudy, flavorful miso-based broth, bbq pork, and a hardboiled egg.  The chicken ramen was in a clear soy broth with lots of cabbage and onion heaped on top.  Seafood udon came in a white miso-based broth, described as “delicious” and “just the right amount of salty,” which was made more delicious when mixed with poached egg that came with the soup. It also contained a wide array of proteins, including a tempura prawn (be sure to eat the tempura first lest it get soggy!), clam, fish cake, squid, and shiitake mushroom. The salad came with a delicious ginger-miso dressing with beets. 

Pros: Close by, delicious soups, free salad with meal.   

Cons: Mediocre service, not great for groups.


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