Saigon Bistro

Saigon Bistro

The FoodCourt added expanded its Asian Noodle Soup term today to include Vietnamese Pho. Results below.

Overall: 2.8 (Marissa: 3.5, Mira: 4, Ashley: 3.5, Joe: 1, Timothy: 1, Danielle: 3.5)

Taste:   3.2 (Marissa: 4, Mira: 3, Ashley: 4, Joe: 2.5, Timothy: 2, Danielle: 3.5)

Proximity: Close – 2 blocks.

Menu: Average selection of Pho, in addition to a couple of egg noodle soups, and a wide variety of other Vietnamese fare.

Price/Value:  Okay.  $9 for a regular and $10 for a large, but the sizes seemed to be smaller than most Pho places.

Service: Good, friendly. Handled our largish group gracefully.

Freshness/Quality of Ingredients: Pretty good. Fresh, chewy noodles. Otherwise, pretty standard for Pho.

Taste/Flavor:  Pretty average Pho – good, but nothing out of this world.  The meat portions seemed a tad light compared to most Pho places.  Saigon Bistro’s scores suffered because some in our group were new to Pho and found it to be too tame and mild compared to the other Asian noodle soups we’ve experienced this term.

Pros: The only Pho place within walking distance of Dupont Circle.

Cons: Minimalist furnishings, a bit cold inside.


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