Thai Chef

Thai Chef

Overall: 3.6 (Devan: 4, Eva: 4.5, Margaret: 3.5, Timothy: 1.5, Mira: 3, Joe: 3.5, Ashley: 4, Danielle: 4.5)

Taste:   3.7 (Devan: 4.5, Eva: 4, Margaret: 3.5, Timothy: 2.5, Mira: 3.5, Joe: 4, Ashley: 4, Danielle: 3.5)

Proximity: Close – 2 blocks.

Menu: Quite a few varieties of noodle soups.

Price/Value:  Decent value- all soups are $9-10, but portions were not quite as large as Nooshi.

Service: Good.  We were in and out within an hour, even with a big group. Waters were refilled frequently, and they were able to make modifications to items on the menu (i.e. making them not spicy). 

Taste/Flavor:  Overall, good reviews.  The soup with minced chicken, ground peanuts, and rice noodles was very good – very intense flavor that was described as sweet, spicy, and limey.  The dumpling soup was very good – the broth was not overly salty, the egg noodles were good,and the dumplings were filled with delicious minced shrimp.  The duck soup also received good reviews – the broth had a sweetish flavor, it came with caramelized mushrooms, and the duck had lots of yummy fat.  Of all the soups, the Yaki Suki received the lowest reviews – the beef and bean thread noodles were okay, and the coconut curry broth it came in was good as well, but not as enticing as the other menu options.

Pros: Close by, meals are served with a tray of four different kinds of peppers and hot sauces to doctor soups up according to individual preferences.

Cons: Possibly not filling enough.


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