Tandoori Time

The FoodCourt began it’s Indian buffet term with a visit to Tandoori Time, with generally positive reviews.


Overall: 3.4 (Danielle: 4, Timothy: 3, Joe: 3.5, Eva: 3, Devan: 3, Ashley: 4)

Taste:  3.4 (Danielle: 4, Timothy: 2.5, Joe: 4, Eva: 3, Devan: 3, Ashley: 4)

Price/Value: Very reasonable at $9 for the buffet.

Service: Totally adequate for a buffet. Handled splitting of checks very easily. As lunch crowd intensified, we felt pressured to wrap up our meal quickly, leading some justices to refrain from a second visit to the buffet. A reservation is a must for a medium-large group.

Menu/Variety: Seemed to have all the basics.  Choices apparently rotate daily.

Taste:  Overall very good. Quite a bit of very spicy food.  Lentils were yummy and made liberal use of ginger.  Tandoori chicken (perplexingly titled as “kabobs”) had too much sauce on it, a bit tough, and was just okay.  Chicken curry was good but not excellent.  Pakora like fritters were like scrumptious little savory donuts.  Paneer dish was delicious, spicy, and in a rich, cheesy sauce. The chickpea and daal stews were also quite tasty. Naan was adequate. Warm dessert donut balls doused in sweet sauce were delicious (see picture below).

Pros:  Nan delivered to table. Frequent water refills made the spicy food easier to eat. Lots of delicious chutneys on the side.

Cons: Would have appreciated rice pudding as a dessert option.   A bit of a walk.  Restaurant is on the smallish side and gets busy at lunch. Some food was too spicy for some justices and labels detailing more information about the dishes may have helped inform selections.



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