Heritage India



The FoodCourt entered its second week of the Indian buffet term with a visit to Heritage India.  While it is early in the term, based on today’s scores, it appears Heritage India has positioned itself as the front runner.


Overall:  3.6 (Danielle: 4, Timothy: 3, Joe: 3.5, Elizabeth: 4, Devan: 3, Ashley: 4.5, Jason: 3.5)

Taste: 4.1 (Danielle: 4.5, Timothy: 3.5, Joe: 4, Elizabeth: 4.5, Devan: 4, Ashley: 4.5, Jason 4)

Ambiance:  Casual yet fancy. Spacious and calm. Nice decor.

Price/Value: $12. A bit pricey for a lunch buffet, but the quantity and quality of food are better than average.

Service: Unobtrusive yet attentive service. Plates were cleared during return trips to buffet and water refilled with lightning fast speed.

Menu/Variety: There was a nice variety included in the buffet – about 8 entree choices, in addition to a salad area, desserts, and lots of chutneys and accouterments.

Taste:  Delicious food with higher than average quality food.  The naan was fresh and soft. The chicken curry and butter chicken (murgh makhani) were both tender and incredibly flavorful. The tandoori chicken was tender, moist, and far superior to that of Tandoori Time’s version. Most entrees were less spicy than those at Tandoori Time.  The desserts were also exceptionally good, with deliciously rich and sweet kheer, and a more unique dessert described as a carrot pudding.

Pros:  There was an entire table full of different chutneys and toppings.  Round tables made for easy conversation in a largish group. Despite the restaurant getting more crowded throughout lunch, we did not feel any pressure to hurry through the meal.

Cons:  No significant cons other than the slightly higher than average price.


The lunch spread at Heritage India. Salad, dessert, and chutneys were tabled separately.


The bountiful spread of chutneys and other fixings at Heritage India.


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