Indian Experience

In a Supreme FoodCourt first, the Ascot Restaurant (aka the Indian Experience) unanimously received the worst rating possible for overall score.  While the food was acceptable, it was decidedly worse than the other establishments to have been considered during the Indian Buffet term, and given the relatively high price and far away location, the sitting justices all agreed that no one was likely to return.

Overall: 1 (Eva: 1, Joe: 1, Ashley: 1, Danielle: 1)

Taste/Flavor: 2.6 (Eva: 2, Joe: 3.5, Ashley: 2, Danielle: 3)

Menu/Variety: There was a decent variety, though the buffet was heavily geared toward vegetarians. There were only two meat dishes.

Price: $12 – a lot for an Indian buffet lunch.

Taste: The food was generally okay, with a few weak spots.  The butter chicken was markedly sub-par, with a tomato sauce that tasted as though it was created using a Campbell’s soup mix, and breast meat that was much dryer and less succulent than the traditional thigh meat.  The stewed eggplant was another low point, described by justices as “spicy mush” with an applesauce-like consistency.  The cilantro chutney – usually a high point in Indian meals – lacked complex flavor and seemed to consist nearly entirely of blended up cilantro.  The kheer, perplexingly, was served warm, and was far too heavy on the sweetened condensed milk.  Better dishes included the cauliflower with potatoes, which was packed with flavor and cumin seeds.  The vegetable biryani was also flavor-loaded and delicious.

Service: Good.  Water was refilled regularly, and the staff was not flustered by the fact that our expected group changed from 8 to 4.

Pros: Nice decor – restaurant was located in a basement but was well-decorated.  The room was spacious and good for large groups.  Naan was available at the buffet so one was not limited by the contents of a bread basket.

Cons: Mediocre food, high price, inconvenient location.  Only one desert available.


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