Supreme FoodCourt Does Restaurant Week

Last week, the FoodCourt visited Eric Ripert’s Westend Bistro to partake in the $20.12 three course lunch for Restaurant Week.  Results below.

Taste/Flavor: The three courses each had 2-3 options. Appetizers were either a chicken dumpling soup or a salad.  The salad was half a head of Bibb lettuce – perfectly fresh and tasty to the core – in a blue cheese dressing (with chunks of real blue cheese) with lemon breadcrumbs.  The flavor of the dressing and breadcrumb combination was light and tangy, and the breadcrumbs added intriguing texture to this dish.  The chicken dumpling soup was also very tasty – the gumball-sized dumplings had a distinct and delicious truffle oil flavor.

Entrees were between a rib pot pie, a fish burger, or a chicken dish.  The fish burger was served with a side of fresh greens and saffron aioli.  The chicken hindquarter was served with Israeli couscous and peppers.  The pot pie was served with a deliciously flaky and light puff pastry (obviously made in house) over the beef shortribs with truffled mashed potatoes making the bottom layer – the ultimate comfort food.

The three dessert choices were each outstanding: profiteroles filled with elderflower scented cream served with a vanilla bean coulis and raspberries; a warm chocolate tart that tasted like the chocolate had just been poured hot into the crust, with real whipped cream on top and dabs of caramel on the side; and a lime parfait with grapefruit sorbet and a caramel crunch garnish of utter deliciousness.

Proximity: A fairly long walk down New Hampshire – not prohibitive though if one is intending to go to a fancy place; it wouldn’t be an everyday lunch spot.

Service:  Snooty seater; Julia characterized her as being the “perfect stereotypical French woman.”  Table servers were lovely – attentive w/o hovering.

Atmosphere: Nothing special; felt “hotel-y.”  Didn’t feel like they’d put effort into the décor to have it make a signature statement – the food is where their energy is.  The kitchen can be seen behind an open screen so, if in the right part of the restaurant, one can see parts of the meal being prepared.  There’s a nice looking bar in the main dining area, too.


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